OLMIS-3108: Changes to OpenLMIS-UI's Transifex Implementation

Dear dev~

I thought I should notify everyone that I’ve made changes to how Transifex language files are synced in the OpenLMIS-UI build process.

For background: This work was prompted after OpenLMIS v3.2, when the OpenLMIS Malawi implementation’s build process was deleting message keys in other OpenLMIS-UI repositories. This happened because transifex messages were synced in a single build process, and would sync all the included OpenLMIS-UI repositories.

This has been changed so:

  • Each repository will sync it’s message keys with transifex when it is built IF:

–> A transifex project is defined in project.properties file

–> The build environment contains variables with a transifex username and password

  • W hen an OpenLMIS-UI repository is built into an image, that image contains all message files from Transifex. This means a versioned OpenLMIS-UI docker image will have message strings that won’t change if changes are made in Transifex AFTER the image has been built.

  • All Jenkins jobs for the OpenLMIS-UI have been updated (I hope)

– If you notice a translation string missing, please email me so I can make sure the builds are correct


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