OpenLMIS 2.0 is now available

We are pleased to announce that OpenLMIS 2.0 is now available. Many thanks to the individuals and organizations that contributed their time and effort to make this happen!

Proposed and planned at the September 2015 community meeting, OpenLMIS 2.0 is a consolidation and stabilization of several major branches, including v1.0, eLMIS and 2.0-Mozambique. As a refreshed master for the OpenLMIS project, 2.0 should be used as the basis for new projects.

Details about the release are in the
release notes
on the
OpenLMIS Wiki
, and in the OpenLMIS
Product 2.0 Product Overview
, as well as a
blog post

demo servers
running 2.0 are available for community use: one with only the agreed-upon, toggled-on features, and one with all features toggled on (see release notes, or the 2.0 Product Overview for further information on toggling).

Thanks - Rich