OpenLMIS 2.0 Status update, review meeting scheduled

Hi everyone, I wanted to share another update after today’s release review.

We currently have four high priority bugs for 2.0 (Two of these are fixed and in review). With regard to other high priority work items : we have done a good deal of manual regression testing, and have a bit more to go. Our Sonar server needs fixing. We also have a few activities downstream of a merge to master, such as publishing a demo server updating some documentation.

Due to these outstanding items, we are pushing the 2.0 target release date to March 9. Hopefully the next time your hear from me, it’s a notice that everything is done!

Please reply to me or the forum with any questions, comments or concerns.

Thanks - Rich


From: Rich Magnuson

Sent: Friday, February 26, 2016 1:47 PM

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Subject: OpenLMIS 2.0 Status update, review meeting scheduled

A Brief update on the 2.0 effort, as of Friday, Feb 26:

The list of bugs targeted for 2.0 is
. At the time of this writing, we have 10 defects, 6 of which are marked major or higher. This is a subset of all bugs known to Open LMIS, including those found in the course of 2.0 dev and testing. That larger list is here. (We use the “Fix Version/s” field to indicate which release a bug is scheduled for)

We’ve had good testing coverage. Some of the areas remaining are testing general admin screens (like Supply Lines, Requisition Groups, etc.), and the FTP operations (see this message for more on testing).

Some of the other outstanding tasks include updating Sonar and Jenkins configuration updates, performing the merge to master, and publishing a demo server running 2.0.

Attached is an open invite for a release review, on Tuesday, March 1 at 1:00 pm Pacific. This is a working session to review the open work items, scrub bugs and decide if we’re ready for a release. No presentations or speeches. J We walk through open items in JIRA, decide which items must be done prior to a 2.0 release tag and address any other related issues. Anyone interested is free to attend!

Thanks - Rich