OpenLMIS 2.0 update

Hi everyone,

Per the September 2015 community meeting, we’ve been working on stabilizing the OpenLMIS source code in prep of a 2.0 release. This note contains a summary of where we’re at, and an opportunity for you to help.

In July, the community began an effort to merge the two primary source code repos into a single master. At this point, the “dev” branch is the combination of eLMIS and 1.0, and our goal is close at hand. Input and contribution from the community have been a big help getting to this point.

The OpenLMIS global dev team met recently to review what work remains. All work items are published on JIRA and listed here, grouped under the epic “2.0 release tag ”. The dev team at VillageReach estimates we can complete the items marked as “Major” or higher no later than March 2. To help us achieve our goal faster, please grab something from the work item list. Input, comments, prioritizations, etc. are of course welcome.

To summarize some of the items remaining:

· Several Sonar updates to analyze the main branches, ensure it is seeing all the code, etc. We also propose analyzing, if not fixing, the 8 or so items marked as “Blockers” in Sonar, though we won’t make this a show stopper. Thoughts?

· Feature toggles. As discussed, we are proposing to use the normal access rights capability to “hide” features that are not globally applicable. A default build/install will have these features hidden by default – they may be revealed with a specific build flag. The proposed list of features to toggle off by default will be shared soon.

· We also set aside some time for manual regression testing. If your organization has any test scripts, whether manual or automated, that you believe are useful for this effort, could you please share them with the group?

· We’d like to stand up a publically accessible demo server. We do not plan on authoring an extensive demo data set for this, but rather reuse a small data set from 1.0. If you have a particular interest in helping to create demo data, please get in touch.

2.0 is all about stabilization and formalizing contribution. There’s bunch of enhancements and features that folks want to see built, and 2.0 should be a good starting point.

Thanks – Rich

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