OpenLMIS 3.0 Beta is here!

To the Community -

OpenLMIS is pleased to announce the beta release of OpenLMIS 3.0! Many of you have been deeply involved with the planning and development of version 3.0, and the beta release represents a huge milestone for the re-architecture effort and the community at large.

3.0 Beta contains one slice of functionality, *Requisitions, * based on an all-new micro-service architecture. This release is the first to utilize the new architecture and is a strong step in the direction of “shared investment, shared benefit” that is the primary mission of the OpenLMIS Community. 3.0 Beta is a proof-of-concept for this architecture and is not a feature-complete release.

Please reference the Living Product Roadmap for the high-level estimated release schedule through version 3.3 and visit the OpenLMIS GitHub page to view the 3.0 Beta code repository. To learn more about upcoming features in OpenLMIS 3.0, see the Live Product Roadmap.

Key Features

OpenLMIS 3.0 is built with an all-new architecture that better supports customizations and extensions. The goal is to enable multiple OpenLMIS implementations in different countries while still sharing one global, open source codebase. 3.0 Beta may look similar to version 2, but under the hood the architecture and technology are a leap forward.

Specifically, the key goals of the 3.0 Beta are to demonstrate:

New micro-services architecture

Ability to support extensions

Basic feature set within requisitioning

The 3.0 Beta release demonstrates the fundamentals of the system’s ability to support various levels of configuration with users, products, programs, facilities, geographic levels/zones, and more. Within the new reference User Interface (UI), you can log in as an administrator and step through the main process flow for requesting products, within a program, and moving that requisition to approval.

Please visit the
3.0 Beta Release Notes
for a full explanation of the key features and current functionality of OpenLMIS 3.0 Beta. For any questions about 3.0 Beta or future 3.0 functionality, please contact the OpenLMIS Product Owner, Mary Jo Kochendorfer ( For questions about messaging, inquiries, and opportunities, please contact me directly.

Congratulations on this great accomplishment for the OpenLMIS initiative!



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