OpenLMIS all-community meeting update

Dear OpenLMIS Community,

Just a brief note to update members of the Community on the all-community meeting.

We had originally decided to hold the last week of June for the meeting since most folks seemed to have relative availability that week. Due to a number of conflicts on behalf of the VR team and key Community members, however, we have decided to push back the date for the meeting beyond the end of June. The exact dates are still being decided, and we should have a clearer idea this week once the planning committee has met and discussed. **Let me know if you would like to join the planning committee call this Thursday. **

I’ll use this opportunity as well to let our Community know that I am expecting a baby in early September and therefore likely won’t be able to attend any Community meeting in-person this summer that is Africa-based. I will, however, be organizing and helping plan the meeting. Thanks for your understanding!

Stay tuned for more updates -


Warm regards,


Tenly Elizabeth Snow, MS

OpenLMIS Community Manager

CELL/WhatsAPP: +1.406.544.4856

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