OpenLMIS Interoperability, DHIS2 and the gap interface work-stream

Dear OpenLMIS Governance,

I wanted to draw your attention to a few documents that we’ll be discussing tomorrow during the August governance call relating to interoperability, DHIS2 and the current interface work-stream:

  1. The OpenLMIS General Interoperability Approach has been published, including a riveting tale about Mr Mapper and Ms Veracity (sorry Alice and Bob fans out there). After you are throughly entertained this document jumps into details about Sources of Truth, System of Record and what role OpenLMIS plays in Enterprise Integration.
  2. Along with this general approach is how it applies to our upcoming work on OpenLMIS Interoperability w/ DHIS2 (you’ll need to pen your own story for this one - sorry).
  3. And last but not least is a quick table of our Interface Gap Epics Summary. This one is the most relevant for governance voting and I did my best to make it the shortest.

We’ll discuss in more detail the process for voting tomorrow. I’m told we’ll likely only have 10 minutes as the agenda is quite full, however fear not as there will be an opportunity to suggest a date and time to dive into questions and comments on a separate call at a later date. If you’re able to pre-read these by tomorrow I would very much appreciate it, and if you find yourself with questions that need answering please come prepared with some calendar suggestions that would work for you.



Josh Zamor

OpenLMIS Architect

SKYPE: josh.zamor.vr OpenLMIS Wiki