OpenLMIS Lunch Event at GHSC- Sharing our Save the Date

Dear OpenLMIS Committees,

As has been mentioned in recent committee meetings, the OpenLMIS Community plans to host an OpenLMIS Lunch Event on Nov 29th, the second day of the
Global Health Supply Chain Summit
(in Zambia). The purpose of the event is for the Community and its trusted partners to ‘pitch’ OpenLMIS to an audience of invited MoH staff, donors, and other influential stakeholders, with the end goal of creating more implementation opportunities. We are sponsoring two MoH staff from Malawi to attend to showcase the Malawi implementation experience, in addition to other presentations.

It is going to be a smaller, closed event (approximately 30-40 people), so we we want to strategically target our invitations at folks who: 1) Are already planning to attend GHSC, and thus will not require sponsorship and; 2) Who have expressed interest in OpenLMIS and have the power/influence to encourage new implementations.

This is where you come in-- we need your help spreading the word! We hope to leverage your valuable network of connections from Ministries of Health and other senior stakeholders to help us circulate
this Save the Date (also attached) . When sharing the Save the Date with your contacts, kindly cc’ me ( so I can track our outreach. Or if you prefer to just pass along recommended contacts directly to me, that would be great as well.

Thanks in advance for your support in making this a successful event.

Warm regards,


Save the Date_OpenLMIS Lunch Event GHSC_Final.pdf (511 KB)


Rebecca Alban, MPH |

OpenLMIS Community Manager (Interim)

VillageReach Starting at the Last Mile

SKYPE: rebecca.alban