OpenLMIS Mobile App Design Meeting

Hello Product Committee,

After getting feedback for the last few months about what the community would like to work on in the next release to due in the July '21 timeframe (v3.12) an OpenLMIS Mobile Application has repeatedly been mentioned as a top priority. We are planning on making the mobile app the primary focus on the 3.12 release and are going to take an Minimum Viable Product (MVP) approach to be able to get something completed in just one release cycle.

In previous product committee meetings we have discussed the what functionality would be a good fit for this initial MVP release with the overall consensus being that the Physical Inventory workflow could be a good fit. We would like to discuss this focus area and hear about any other priorities from the community and so we will be scheduling a design meeting for next week. We are proposing that we have this meeting on Thursday, April 8, and 5PM UTC+3 (7AM PST, 10AM EST). If you are interested in attending, please let us know if that day/time works for you and, if not, other alternative dates/times that could work next week.


Thanks @wes, I’d like to but this Thursday at that time I already have 2 calls trying for that time spot, and one I can’t move. An hour earlier is out for me as well but an hour later would work. Since I may not be able to make it I could leave a couple starter questions that could be used, and followup in writing from there?

Thanks for the input, Josh. I really want to make sure that you’re able to join and so I would like to move this meeting to Wednesday, April 14, at 5PM UTC+3 (7AM PST, 10AM EST).

If anyone is interested in joining, please let me know if that time works for you.

@ibewes , pls include me.

If anyone is interested in joining this meeting but has not received an invite you can reach out to me or use this link on Wednesday, April 14, at 5PM UTC+3 (7AM PST, 10AM EST).