OpenLMIS shortlisted as Gavi eLMIS solution!

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The OpenLMIS community is pleased to share the good news that OpenLMIS was one of 10 global eLMIS software solutions shortlisted by Gavi as ‘pre-qualified solutions’ for recommendation to countries. This decision is following a notable effort by the community to submit an RFP, and travel to Geneva to perform an in-person demonstration to the Technical Committee evaluating the solutions. We extend a HUGE thank you to all of our partners who played a role in contributing input and information into this process!

As a bit of background, Gavi has been working with partners and the Global Fund on the target software standards (TSS) for eLMIS systems in countries. In early 2019 OpenLMIS responded to their RFP and thereafter GAVI and the Global Fund in collaboration with USAID, UNDP and BMGF completed the evaluation of a wide range of eLMIS solutions (21 in total) currently in use to determine the extent to which they meet desired TSS.

A solution was ranked according to one of four categories: (1) fully compliant (2) substantially compliant with minor gaps (3) moderately compliant with important gaps or complex implementation considerations or (4) inadequate/ non-compliant. After reviewing the proposals and deliberating the strengths and weaknesses of the RFI responses and demos, the Technical Evaluation Committee (TEC) agreed that the top 10 vendors in the ranking should be considered pre-qualified and therefore can be recommended to countries seeking to conduct their own LMIS RFP. Below, I have included the final results so that you can see how other solutions in this space ranked in the evaluation.

We will continue to share updates on this topic as we receive more information, but wanted to share this information with the Community ASAP and celebrate this great news. We are excited for what opportunities this will present in the future–thanks again to everyone who contributed to this community effort!

(scroll below for final list of results of the evaluation)

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Congrats! This is great news.