OpenLMIS Study Tours- Concept Note for Community Feedback

(Rebecca Alban) #1

Hello all,

As mentioned in our last governance committee meeting, we are pleased to share that there is funding available for Trusted Partners to accompany ‘Interested Parties’ (most likely Ministry of Health staff) on OpenLMIS Study Tours. The purpose of these tours is to educate potential implementers about the OpenLMIS v3, how it is deployed, and showcase how it is working on the ground. We see these Study Tours as a fantastic business development opportunity for the Community, and a great way for our Trusted Partners to increase their engagement.

The below documents outline the Study Tour concept, goals/objectives, application process, and evaluation criteria. I will briefly review this in our next governance meeting, but will not have time to dive into great detail. I am sharing them here to request review and comments from the community. Please insert any thoughts or suggestions for improvements as comments in the below documents by April 26th.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts about the Study Tours and facilitating this process in the coming months on behalf of the Community.

Best to all,

(Rebecca Alban) #2

Hi folks,
Just a friendly reminder to all that any comments from Governance Committee members to the Study Tours concept note and funding application are due by tomorrow (see links below).

I look forward to incorporating your feedback and officially launching this exciting process!