OpenLMIS Sustainability Workshop- sharing outputs

Dear all,

As some of you may be aware, members of the OpenLMIS community recently participated in an OpenLMIS sustainability workshop in Washington, DC last week. The workshop was hosted by the Resonance Global consulting team, who helped us to work through some very important discussions and made progress for OpenLMIS on its path to sustainability.

For those who were not in attendance, I wanted to share the wiki page where all of the workshop materials and detailed notes can be accessed so you can get a sense of what the discussion topics were. You can find the workshop materials on the OpenLMIS wiki here. Resonance will continue to use the governance committee as a venue to disseminate information and solicit input from the community as we work through our next steps. Our next governance call on the 9th they will provide a short summary of the workshop outputs, so for anyone with particular interest in this, please feel free to join our next governance call!

The Resonance Team are currently working on our synthesis and work planning coming out of the workshop, and will be following up with more information to share with the OpenLMIS Community in the coming weeks as they continue to support us through this transitional phase.

We will continue to keep the entire community looped in as these discussions and activities progress. Feel free to reach out to me at any time if you have specific questions, or simply respond to this thread to keep the conversation going. We would love to hear your thoughts and/or questions!

Best to all,