OpenLMIS Trip Report- Global Health Supply Chain Summit

(Rebecca Alban) #1

Dear all,

In November a number of members of the OpenLMIS community had the privilege to attend the Global Health Supply Chain Summit in Lusaka Zambia. The two main purposes of our participation were to 1) Host a series of Gap Team meetings 2) Hold an Advocacy Lunch Event to promote OpenLMIS and share experiences from Malawi implementation. Lots of great ideas were shared, lessons learned, and important relationships built throughout the week we spent in Zambia. Details on these two activities can be found in the enclosed trip report.

As so many from the OpenLMIS community were gathered in Zambia, we capitalized on the opportunity to hold a OpenLMIS Community Meeting. There were attendees representing Malawi, Mozambique, Tanzania, Zambia, and some of our Trusted Partners. The dialogue was very productive and the suggestions offered during the meeting will help to shape upcoming activities for 2019 (details in trip report).

I encourage you to peruse the full trip report highlighting key takeaway message and follow up items for the community, found at this wiki page:

We on the steward team were especially grateful for the opportunity to interact face-to-face with so many members of our community during this trip, and hope it will not be long before we can gather together again soon.

Best regards,