Opportunities & Initiatives for 2016 (and beyond)


Over the last year, the OpenLMIS Community has made great strides in growing its product, partnerships, and global reach. OpenLMIS has expanded into geographies across Africa, and continues to develop its capacities and features.

In line with this progress, I’d like to tap into the experience and knowledge base of the Community and ask partners to contribute any information they may have regarding potential opportunities where OpenLMIS may be a good fit for a program or project. This could include conversations held during TDYs or conferences, discussions with Ministries of Health and program managers, eLMIS components to upcoming project work, etc.

I’d also like to ask that partners contribute their knowledge around existing or upcoming initiatives or projects on behalf of major organizations (ie. World Bank, UNICEF, Global Fund, etc), where data management plays a significant role, or where LMIS is mentioned specifically.

Finally, I’d like to ask the community to contribute their thoughts on funder prioritization for 2016 and beyond. This goes hand-in-hand with initiatives, projects, and LMIS work that major funders having included in their scope for 2016.

Shared knowledge equals shared benefit, both for business development, and to grow our knowledge base as global health professionals. Please feel free to reach out to me directly, or to info@openlmis.org, with your suggestions and comments.

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OpenLMIS Community Manager


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