Opportunity: Ghana EOI for LMIS

Hi everyone,

Reaching out to let you know about this EOI from the Ghana Ministry of Health for an LMIS system. It sounds like it could be of interest and we have gotten a fair amount of inquiries/interest via openlmis.org from Ghana in the last few months.

Although it’s not openly stated in the EOI, I believe this is through GHSC-PSM. I have spoken with a colleague working for PSM in Ghana who has confirmed knowledge of it.

EOI submissions are due by July 27, and must be delivered **in person **to the Ghana MOH. Is there any interest in the community in forming a response? Do any of our community partners have a presence in Ghana?

Please reach out directly to me if there is any interest.

Warm regards,


Tenly Elizabeth Snow, MS

OpenLMIS Community Manager


CELLWhatsAPP: 1.406.544.4856 FAX: 1.206.860.6972

SKYPE: tenly.snow.vr

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