PC Meeting - April 9

Greetings Product Committee,

Tomorrow (April 9) we will be having our next product committee meeting and we are looking for any potential topics for discussion. We currently have just one topic regarding discussing our Mobile Strategy along with the normal update on the development progress; is there anything else that we could discuss during this meeting?


Hello Wes,

if there are no other important topics, I’d like to briefly discuss an idea of having some administrative message available and displayed on the OpenLMIS dashboard after logging in. The use case that I see is to let users know about the expected downtime of the system, upgrades, new features, etc. The message would be optional and configured to be displayed by the OpenLMIS Admin of the concrete instance.

I know that some implementations (like Malawi) notify the users about expected downtime via e-mails, so I wonder if an additional note about this directly in OpenLMIS would be helpful.

If the idea sounds interesting and stakeholders see a good use for it, we could do initial scoping and requirements gathering directly on the call. I don’t think we have a ticket similar to this, but I could have easily missed one, so let me know if something like this already exists in our backlog.


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Hi @Sebastian_Brudzinski!! This is definitely something that Malawi would be happy to see added! We did have some discussion about this once upon a time, in TO2, i think. The call is at a very “difficult” hour for us in Malawi - but i will try to join.

Thanks for bringing this up.

Thanks @Sebastian_Brudzinski! I’ve added this to the agenda for the call today.


Thank you all very much for the excellent discussion in this PC meeting! I apologize for the abrupt end to the meeting… my internet died right near the end of the call.

One thing I wanted to mention was that we are still looking for feedback on the PC Survey. If you are a member of a trusted partner please make sure that at least one person from your team fills out the survey by the next product committee meeting.