PC Meeting Feb 26

The Product Committee meeting is later today and I have put up our draft agenda here. There are not many topics for this meeting today so please feel free to add or mention anything you would like to discuss.

The one agenda item that I would like to focus on is discussing the options for this committee going forward and to start mapping out our future direction. This conversation started as Mary Jo left back in January and the comments from that meeting are in the meeting notes but I’ll also include them below.

  • Simon Dean - I’m currently ok with content. Would like to know more about the development process and prioritization process. Having insight into that would be useful.
  • Sebastian Brudziński - easier to see and set priorities going forward. It is challenging to do this, but it would be really useful. Could limit the options. Could involve more people. Make it easier to decide on what is next.
  • Dércio Duvane - I do look how we set up the meetings and content. Unfortunately, we do not have the attendance we would like to have. Is there a plan to have a smaller group specific to geographies? It is hard time for their team to join.
  • Ryan Freeland - observed that asking for input is challenging, but it would be useful to have more input from the countries. Perhaps cold calling are finding ways for more engagement because we need to hear from them. When issues are presented, it is useful to call out which country, users, context in framing the discussion and understanding what is going on.
  • Wes Brown - one challenge is this committee falls in between the governance and technical committees. we cannot rely on PC to give consistent direction in a timely manner. A possible change would be to refocus this on implementers and their needs. Give another way to give feedback on the product itself. Would like to get more feedback from other individuals.
  • Mary Jo Kochendorfer - People do want transparency in the development process but the sheer number of details makes it difficult to understand within the context of this meeting. However, people do gain value from hearing about what we’re doing and giving feedback on priorities. Hope that we could find a process/feedback mechanism which this community buys into. Regarding the software development process, we could do a better job of being transparent about what we’re doing and how the overall process is doing. Need to figure out how to break up the information so that it is more digestible. Other communities have had success with having a specific person (or group?) champion specific features.

My hope is that we can continue this discussion today as a number of people were not able to join for the initial discussion.