Planned Additions to Orderables

Hi everyone,

As described in SELV3-35, we’re planning to add the following new properties to Orderables:

• inBoxCubeDimension – The Orderable’s volume in units specified via its type.
• maximumToleranceTemperature – The maximum temperature at which the Orderable should be stored.
• minimumToleranceTemperature – The minimum temperature at which the Orderable should be stored.

The changes are necessary for Mozambique’s trial instance of OpenLMIS v3. We’re hoping to release just the reference-data service for the project sometime in January. More than likely, only Mozambique will use this interim release of the service. If any amendments or additions to the design are necessary, we can certainly revisit it prior to the service’s inclusion in the Core 3.9 release.

Warm regards,

Hey @Ben_Leibert1, thanks for posting this. I hate to do this to you, but could I ask that we use minimumTemperature and maximumTemperature instead of the tolerance temperatures?

Sorry, I’ve been looking at the GHSC-PSM attribute guide again and think this is actually the better fit. Frankly I’m not absolutely sure, so if it’s a lot of work don’t bother.

No problem at all @joshzamor. The change is apparently low effort, and we’ll aim to finish it prior to the Core’s next release. Thank you for your guidance!