Planning to introduce breaking change in fulfillment service API (POST /orders/batch)

Hi everyone,

this is an announcement of the upcoming breaking change in the fulfillment service that we are planning to introduce in the OpenLMIS 3.11 release (openlmis-fulfillment 9.0.0). The breaking change concerns the endpoint POST /orders/batch

What will change?
Up until now the POST /orders/batch would return 400 response code if any of the orders in the request already existed (based on unique constraints). This would fail the whole request and no orders would be created in that case.

We are planning to change this endpoint so that it accepts and handles a situation where some or all of the provided orders already exist. The request would no longer fail for this scenario (response code 200). Additionally, if some of the orders already existed, they will be returned in the response of this endpoint. Those that don’t exist will be created.

When do I have to worry about this?
Only if you are using the openlmis-fulfillment web API directly and rely on the unique check described above. If you are using the whole ref-distro, nothing changes for you.

Let us know if you have any questions or strong concerns about the above.

Best regards,