Potential feature: Administrative messages

Hi Product Committee,

on one of our previous calls (https://openlmis.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/OP/pages/520389043/PC+April+9+2019) I presented a potential simple OpenLMIS feature: administrative messages. I’d like to summarize the feature and get any further opinions, comments, and input from stakeholders that weren’t present on the call or didn’t have anything to add back then.

The administrative message would be set up by an instance administrator and could be set to expire after a given amount of time (eg. 2 days). All users logging into the OpenLMIS would see the message on the OpenLMIS dashboard (home page). One use case that I see is to be able to give users heads up about upcoming system downtime. It could also be used to let users know about new features (eg. after a release) or to notify about any other problems related with supply chain (like delays).

Possible future enhancements/expansions mentioned on the PC call:

  • Limit the message to a subset of users (by role, be geographic zone, etc.)
  • Different types of messages (short-lived vs persistent)
  • Different importance of messages (notes, warnings) - could also impact how they display
  • Allow specific users to mark a message as read (so it does no longer display - but just for them)

We also mentioned that we likely wouldn’t want to re-create e-mails/own communication channel, so those should be 1-way notifications only (admin to users).

If you have any additional feedback or comments, we are more than happy to hear them!