Product Committee November 3rd 2015

Hi all,

I’m looking forward to our meeting on Tuesday. You can find the agenda
including optional pre-reading that will inform on the below activity.

Last week we discussed what we would like to see come out of the OpenLMIS re-architecture. I incorporated this discussion as well as input from the Community Meeting and the readings in the agenda to create the following
list of priorities for the re-architecture
. The end product of this activity is an artifact that I will deliver to the technical committee outlining our prioritized list of outputs from the re-architecture work. I propose we do this by:

  1. Reading through the list of Present day pain points / End state attributes

  2. Adding additional end state attributes that you think are relevant but absent from this version

  3. Discussing with other interested parties at your organization as needed

  4. Voting in the column with your name (Each participant has 20 points that they can spread as they see fit amongst as many rows as they would like i.e. 20 points in 1 row, or 1 point in 20 rows) PRIOR to our meeting next Tuesday

  5. Discussing outcomes on the product call next Tuesday including dispelling any confusion, adding more granularity, changing point distribution as needed and taking a final vote count.

  6. Taking the aggregated scores as our prioritized list

Please contact me if anything I’ve outlined is unclear! I’m really excited to be working with such a talented and diverse group to make OpenLMIS the product we all envision.



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