Project Proposal Template Updated

Hi -

I have updated the project proposal template to make it easier to use, and also added fields to include data about how the project coordination. I have also create an example form for the VR-proposed Global Vaccine Functionality project. As discussed at the product committee meeting, Ashraf, Gaurav, and I all agreed to complete this form for projects we are currently proposing by this Friday.



To create a page for your proposed project, follow these steps.

  1. Ensure you are logged into Jira. You should see your username on the upper right-hand section of the page header. If instead you see Log In, click that button to login.
  2. Go to the template:
  3. Click the … button in the upper-right, then select Copy
  4. Edit the new page with your proposal content, then click save when done.
    If there are fields you want to add to the template, please feel free to do so. Just send a shout out to the group as a FYI.