Proposal for naming standard for constants and keys

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One thing that was discussed at yesterday’s tech committee meeting was the proposal of a standard for naming labels in the code, like constants and keys. There isn’t a consistent way that we are doing it right now, and I think it would be good to have one. I can see this standard could apply to at least three places: message keys, Java constants (particularly for right names) and db right names.

What I am proposing is that when we name things, we do it as such:

[category] [subcategory…] [possible verb]

It would be less human-readable, but I think it would organize better. So, for example, a db right name (and its corresponding Java constant) in the system might currently be


Something that fits the standard would be:



That way all report rights would start with the same prefix REPORT, or all equipment rights would start with the same prefix EQUIPMENT.

This could also be applied to message keys. Some message keys generally follow this, with report keys starting with report. But then there are other naming schemes, with labels, errors, buttons starting with label, error, and button respectively. I am not exactly certain how we want to standardize the message keys—I am open to suggestions about that.




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