R&R Form Definition

Hi @joshzamor and @ibewes,

OLMIS-3916 defines “ISA Calculated Order Qty” as ISA – SOH and stipulates that it’s only available when “Enable Stock on Hand to populate from stock cards” is checked. There are other available sources for SOH (stock on hand), however. Our stakeholders in Mozambique would like to set SOH to “user input” within the requisition template and subsequently use it to determine the “ISA Calculated Order Qty.” It’s unclear why this shouldn’t be allowed, and @Chongsun_Ahn’s recent investigation into the matter suggests that it probably should be.

Allowing SOH to be used for the “ISA Calculated Order Qty” regardless of its provenance seems like functionality which can be introduced without any friction with existing implementations. If that indeed the case, would you have any concern with removing the validation that requires SOH to come from stock cards in order to be used?

cc: @Christine_Lenihan.

Thank you,