Recap from OpenLMIS Community Meeting

Dear all,
It was a delight to spend time with many of you recently in Johannesburg for our OpenLMIS Community Meeting. It was an extremely productive time where we were able to work through some key questions about where we want to go as an initiative, and outline some next steps for how we can get there together.

Our meeting objectives were to:

  1. Empower the OpenLMIS community to guide the decision-making process for the OpenLMIS Future State
  2. Determine critical elements of OpenLMIS to be maintained in the Future State
  3. Learn about how OpenLMIS is being implemented currently

I think we all entered the meeting a bit skeptical and unsure of what we would be able to accomplish, but I am happy to report that these meeting objectives were achieved and meeting participants largely left the meeting feeling energized and engaged in our next steps. A large focus of the meeting was around exploring the idea of entering into a partnership with a private entity, and we heard presentations from IQVIA and Mezzanine who presented their partnership approaches.

After completing some group exercises to help us align on our community priorities (and lots of sticky notes later!) we were able to identify some key elements of the product and community that we are interested in retaining in the ‘future state’. This was a crucial exercise to help us to negotiate/shape any future partnerships that we enter into. I encourage you to review this wiki page where the notes and session materials are described in more detail:

We look forward to discussing the meeting outputs and next steps for 2020 in the next governance call. Feel free to share the wiki page with any other colleagues who may be interested!

Best regards to all,