Reminder: Input needed

Hello Product Committee,

Friendly reminder that we’d like each of you to respond to the Doodle on your availability for an in-person meeting in Tanzania. Please respond for yourself or for people on your team. We hope to identify a day that everyone is in town and then we’ll follow up with specific timing to those who are in-country.

Please respond with information you have on Browsers for your implementations or target implementations. I am aware of StatCounter as an aggregate resource. Do folks know of others? See the request below.


Mary Jo


From: Mary Jo Kochendorfer

Sent: Wednesday, September 21, 2016 1:20 PM


Subject: Notes and Request for Input on Browsers

Hello Product Committee,

Feel free to take a look at the
and update/modify if I missed anything. In addition, please don’t forget to fill out the doodle on availability in Tanzania.

Request for Input on Browsers

What browsers are being used or do we think will be used in future implementation? Please share any resources or previous work the community has done to understand/decide on what browsers to support. Also, for folks who are implementing, could you please provide what the percentage breakdown of which browsers are currently being used? I know that some implementations are leveraging Google Analytics and it would be very useful to see what the Browser breakdown is. I’ve attached an example of the screenshot which displays the information I’m looking for.

Please send me your comments and feedback on which browsers we should support and why (market research, current use, etc.). I will add this topic to the agenda of our next call as well, but it would be good to share resources and background information on what browsers are being used in our implementations and target geographies prior to the call.

Thank you,

Mary Jo

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