Reminder: PC meeting tomorrow

Hello PC,

Please see the
draft agenda
here for the meeting tomorrow.

We are excited to hear an update from TZ and continue the discussion on defining the nonfunctional requirements (NFR)
. As a friendly reminder, we are REALLY hoping to have input from country/program implementations, both current and potential. Please be prepared to share current implementation working data scenarios to help us determine the appropriate goals for OpenLMIS based on current (and potential if possible) implementation needs (for example, number of users, number of supervised facilities, number of products, number of requisitions being approved by one user, etc.)

Thanks everyone, and I look forward to connecting tomorrow.

Mary Jo

Mary Jo Kochendorfer

OpenLMIS Product Manager

CELL/WhatsAPP: +1.612.703.5034

SKYPE: Maryjo.kochendorfer.vr OpenLMIS Wiki