Reminder: Product Committee Meeting July 26

Dear Product Committee Members,

A brief reminder for the upcoming meeting on July
26 at 8:15am PST/6:15pm EAT.

The draft Agenda is available (here) for your review.

There are two key things I’d like to bring up for discussion:

  1.   **Risks**: As a committee, it is important we are all able to voice the risks we see (or anticipate) and participate in mitigating them.  This will be an opportunity to begin sharing.
  2.   **Prioritization and Roadmap** : As a committee, we will need to come up with a transparent process of prioritizing the upcoming work and deciding what is to be completed in future releases. What metrics do we want to use to inform our prioritization? How often do we want to review and update the roadmap? To help us decide, I wanted to share a post from OpenMRS that outlined some of the challenges they have faced over the years, [

here]( The last post is a good summary and I’ve attached it as well. After discussing how to prioritize, I will share the initial roadmap for Beta and 3.0.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


Mary Jo

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