Reporting for 3.0

Hello PC,

Per our discussion during out last meeting, I wanted to follow up on the reporting conversation. The team plans to address reporting in a more robust way by the 3.2 release. The current plan is to use a BI tool to address the main reporting needs by implementations that go live before 3.2 release. We can also build out more reports for the 3.1 release if the PC thinks it is a priority over other work.

  1. Currently we plan to ship Reporting Rate (which will include a list of facilities that have reported on time). The specifications are outlined here, [OLMIS-308](

What are the other essential reports in priority ranking? Do folks have specifications we could leverage for those reports? We will need to see about bandwidth but potentially we can build one or two more.

Please let me know.

Also, REMINDER that we have a call on Jan 31st,
draft agenda
is up.

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