Request for feedback from Product Committee Meeting on August 1

Hello Product Committee,

During our meeting on August 1st, we briefly reviewed the attached mockup to add filters to the View Requisitions page. I’m requesting your feedback on the questions listed below.

View Requisitions enhancements ticket OLMIS-2700: The purpose of this page is that a user has the ability to search and view a list of requisitions, and navigate to a specific requisition.

Option A: Filter by selecting at least one from a dropdown: Facility, Program, Status, and/or Period Start and End Date

Are there any additional fields that should be included in the filter selection?

What are common searches? By Program, by date?

Option B: Filter by selecting many statuses

Is it useful to add the filtering by multiple statuses? Or is Option A sufficient?


  1. What are the main uses for this page? (Example: search for requisitions where a status is unknown, or search to confirm the status of a requisition has changed, etc.)

  2. Are there any columns we need to add that are not in the mockup, or columns that can be removed because they are not used?

  3. What should the default sort order be? One suggestion is the Date Modified field would be the default sort order, so the most recently updated requisitions appear in the table first.

  4. What date should we display on the view page? These are the date fields available to choose from:

• Period

• Period Start Date

• Period End Date

• Date Modified

• Date Submitted

• Date Authorized

• Date Approved

Please respond with up to two date fields that should be present on the View Requisitions page.

Thank you for your time,

Sam Im |

Analyst, Information Systems

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