Request for review of Gavi's TPP

Hi Governance members,

Sharing Mary Jo’ s email to the Product Committee to request feedback on the Target Product Profile (TPP) for LMIS solutions that Gavi plans on issuing.

**If you would like to provide feedback on the attached, please do so in comments and/or tracked changes and send to Mary Jo by April 16. **



TPP for VxLMIS r3.docx (526 KB)


Hello Product Committee,

Chris Wright from Gavi has reached out for our, the OpenLMIS community’s, input on the Target Product Profile (TPP) for LMIS solutions that that Gavi is planning to issue. For more details about the effort, see Chris’ email with the background below. He is soliciting feedback from us, mSupply, Dimagi, LoMIS, Logistimo, DHIS2 and field intelligence.

I am planning to consolidate our feedback and send to Chris by the 19th of this month. Please send me your feedback (in comments and/or tracked changes) by April 16th.

Let me know if you have any questions and I look forward to your comments!


Mary Jo

Chris’ email below:

Dear Health Data Collaborative/LMIS partners and other potential solution providers:


  • As most of you already know, Gavi is planning to issue a Target Product Profile (TPP) for LMIS solutions that meet the particular needs of vaccines, including visibility into cold chain equipment and temperature. A TPP is commonly used as a market shaping tool when donors are seeking new pharmaceuticals or vaccines, and have also been applied to incentives development of diagnostic and cold chain equipment that are optimized for low-resource settings. However, a TPP approach has not been applied to information systems, before, so we are in new territory.*


  • Gavi’s interest is to move away from funding bespoke systems that are not easily replicated in other countries, and that reinforce existing—often inadequate—business processes, and instead identify a set of applications or combination of robust applications that countries can adopt, configure, and use. Gavi is also seeking applications that represent a range of different business models from which countries can choose, from open source to COTS to SaaS.*


Please Note*: The process for adjudicating potential solutions against the TPP is under discussion but not yet fully defined. Your input into this discussion is welcome.*


I have already had a round of input from members of the Interagency Supply Chain Group* (ISG), so this draft is ready for broader partner input. I’ve target the HDC/LMIS group as added a number of other contacts representing solution providers or stewards of open source LMIS solutions.*


I invite your input into this TPP, especially in terms of the following questions:

1.* As a solution provider, is this TPP a useful tool for informing your solution new features development roadmap?*

2.* Is the TPP detailed enough to serve its market shaping purpose, or does it require an additional software requirement specifications (more typical for procurement)?*

3.* Do you see your solution as meeting a subset of TPP features, and if so, will the TPP help you in seeking partners to present a comprehensive stack of applications the fulfill the TPP?*

4.* How can Gavi incentivise solution providers to meet more of the TPP features?*

5.* How can Gavi incentivise solution providers to reduce the total cost of ownership for countries (esp. for COTS and SaaS)?*

6.* What questions/comments do you have about the content of the TPP?*


***Deadline for input:*****Gavi is in a hurry to finalize the TPP, so my timeline is tight. Please provide whatever input you can by April 20.


For those of you who are already members of the ISG or the HDC/LMIS, my apologies for cross posting.


Thank you for your interest and engagement in this effort!

Warm regards,

Tenly Elizabeth Snow, MS

OpenLMIS Community Manager

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