Running functional tests on test server

Hello everyone,

Currently our functional tests are run on test server. It may lead to random failures especially during a situation when other developers use the instance to test their changes at the same time when functional tests are running. It can accidentaly break the functional tests making the results confusing.

Taking it into account, shouldn’t we change the server for a less used one? Maybe using UAT2/3/4 would be a better solution? I am looking forward for your suggestions.

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Hi Paulina,

I definitely agree with changing the server against which the functional tests are being run. The test server is changing too often to be a stable environment for those test. I also agree that we could use one of the already existing servers so we don’t have to create another one.

Kind regards,
Nikodem Graczewski

An opposite option is to start a local instance of ref-distro for functional tests. But because this probably provides new problems I would say for now we could simply use another instance like UAT3 or UAT4.

Thank you for your feedback. If there are no other objections, then I will create a ticket in order to make this change.