Sept 10 Governance Committee Meeting--Your attendance encouraged

Dear all,

As you are likely aware, the OpenLMIS business model/sustainability work that Resonance Global is helping us with is well under way, and significant strides have been made since our in-person meeting in Washington, DC in June.

To ensure your ongoing involvement in this process, we strongly encourage your participation in the upcoming OpenLMIS Governance Committee call on Sept 10th 7am PST (Zoom meeting link here). This is our regularly scheduled monthly governance call, but will be dominated by Resonance this month to gather your inputs and feedback on their research on how to shape/market OpenLMIS as a product that private sector markets would pay for. This will not just be an update, but rather a presentation-led discussion in order to hear your thoughts. As frequent users, developers, implementers, and advocates for OpenLMIS, your voice and perspective is very important in shaping this conversation!

We hope you can join us next week and look forward to the discussion.

Best regards,

Hello all,

In advance of our conversation tomorrow, I wanted to share a few resources that Resonance has prepared related to their recent work on investigating options for new OpenLMIS customers, pricing, and general future state planning. For those attending the governance call tomorrow, this materials are a useful reference and/or pre-read.

This page of the OpenLMIS wiki contains ppt presentations on:

  1. Customer viability & future state planning
  2. GTM-pricing strategy, licensing, and buyers

We look forward to a fruitful discussion tomorrow!

Best to all,