Sharing links to materials re: our Governance Meeting Feb 11

Hello all,

Just a couple of quick notes and resources to share prior to today’s governance call:

One of the items I hope that we can review is the draft [TOR for our Partnership Exploration Working Group.] This document outlines how the group will function from a logistical and decision-making standpoint, as well as our key objectives and milestones. ( I am sharing the draft here so that you have it for reference. We are keeping the draft open for further comments until this Friday Feb 14th so please feel free to add your thoughts/ideas!

I also want to take some time today to discuss some interesting conversations happening as a response to our OpenLMIS Sustainability Webinar that the steward team did a couple of weeks ago. Here are a few related links to check out:

*Join the conversation: DIAL OSC’s online forum has a lively discussion, we encourage your participation!

Looking forward to speaking to you all in our call today!
Best regards,