Sharing the draft OpenLMIS 'Getting Started Guide' for thoughts/feedback

Hi folks,
In our governance call on Tuesday, the idea that we could provide more information and guidance to potential implementers was raised–so that they have an accurate expectation of timelines, and some guidance around what resources are needed for a successful implementation.

It so happens that this is a need that the stewards had also identified, which is why I am currently drafting the ‘OpenLMIS Getting Started Guide’- as a resource for potential implementers. It would be great to get your thoughts and any constructive feedback on this draft. (note: ignore page 5)

  • Are there any key questions that I haven’t answered?

  • Is the information presented clear and easy to understand?

If you have any feedback for me, please let me know within the next 1 week. Thanks in advance!

Best to all,

Hi there @Rebecca_Alban! This looks good. I think one key factor that i think is important to include in the critical success factors section, due in part, to its important in the success of OpenLMIS implementation is stakeholder coordination / mobilization i cannot stress enough, the importance of this. I think this needs to be featured there.

Additionally, is it who implements OpenLMIS or who builds OpenLMIS? I think the info you provided was on who builds OpenLMIS. Countries implement this, no?:thinking: I know the word we have used mostly is implementers, but from where i sit, at the country, the first time i see this, i would be like … huh – :thinking:

It might also be helpful to show (in a pie chart - i am thinking) which components take up the main budget? That would help me, as a potential implementer, to know which costs would be once off (training) and which costs i would continue to incur.

Finally, i think step 1 is gather your requirements, you need to first know, even at the high level what it is that you want, then step 2 would be to select OpenLMIS.

Good luck, and all the best!

Hello @nidris - Thank you so very much for this incredibly useful feedback!

To your point about costs- this is an area I was having trouble conveying because the costs can be so different based on the scope, number of users, etc. I like the idea of specifying what will be ongoing vs one off costs and will definitely add that piece!

Its so true that the term ‘implementer’ gets thrown around a lot, and can be used in a way that is confusing/misleading. I’ll try to wordsmith this better to highlight the role of the countries.

To everyone else: make your voices heard and keep the feedback coming!