Skipping the OAuth Approval page

I have worked on changing the method of the sign in to Superset via OpenLMIS for the Angola project. Previously, when we had tried to sign in the first time, we got the approval page. Unfortunately, it was in the English version only, so I did some investigations and I have tried to change it. Finally, I have decided to skip this page (it is auto approved) and now it looks like here:

Do the core team is interested to move this functionality to the core project?


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The changes are committed in several places. Basically, I modified:

  1. send the initialization call to Superset and getting the state
  2. If needed, send the sign in call to Superset via the auth module
  3. If needed (when it is the first sign in), send the auto-approve call to the auth module (after that the authorization call is automatically sent to Superset)

Hi Daniel,

thanks for posting this! If I recall correctly, this is exactly what we initially wanted to have and how it should behave. While we wait for the final confirmation from Josh, you can go ahead and open a pull request.


Hi Danial Can i have example source, I’m confusing in this. Please help me

Hello @pg123karthikeyan and welcome! Can you give some more detail about what you are looking for?