Soliciting feedback -- Mockup for Kits

(Ashraf Islam) #1

To support the kitting epic OLMIS-681, we drafted a mock-up (OLMIS-5987) for creating a Kit unpack list in the reference data service.

We welcome your feedback about this mockup. Note that this mockup does not cover functionalities related to stock management unpacking process.

One challenge we have observed is with the potential inconsistency this may introduce. Currently, the OpenLMIS does not have a create and update Orderable features. Is supporting the addition of the kit constituents on the view orderables screen considered confusing? If in the future, we envision the OpenLMIS at some point to implement the Edit Orderable and Create Orderable Features, this option may be a better investment.

Alternatively, another way to implement the creation of kits and constituents is via CSV upload, just like the orderable and program-orderable CSV uploads. With this option, the mockup will only contain changes to view what products contained in the kit. No buttons and ability to add orderables to kits will be implemented on this screen.

Any feedback would be appreciated

(Josh Zamor) #2

Thanks @Ashraf_Islam,

One aspect that I notice is the buttons for primary and secondary buttons aren’t at the bottom of the page on the Orderable with Kits mockup. Is there a way to conform to that part of the styleguide and only add half the Orderable edit screen (the kit half)?

(Ashraf Islam) #3

[quote=“joshzamor, post:2, topic:4979”]
and only add half the Orderable edit screen (the kit half)?

Josh, thanks for the feedback. Will incorporate your feedback.

Can you please clarify the last part of your last sentence.


(Josh Zamor) #4

Hi @Ashraf_Islam , I mean the design of that screen as opposed to the design of the kit portion within that screen. The mockup has buttons in places that likely wouldn’t be in those places if we were designing the screen overall with our UI Standards. IOW those buttons’ locations don’t appear to align with our UI Standards (e.g. placing a button to save near the kit portion, rather than at the bottom of the screen where primary action buttons and others go).