Special Nov 23rd Governance Call- For Final Handover Partner Decision

Hello all,
First of all, I look forward to speaking to many of you tomorrow for our Nov 10th Governance Committee call. We will provide a few community updates, but largely focus on our transition partner search, as well as operationalizing our Enterprise Support model.

I also want to flag that a special, off-cycle, 90 minute call has been scheduled for Monday Nov 23rd. If you attend ANY governance committee call this would be the one to attend! The purpose of the call is to present all three remaining private sector partner options and reach consensus on a final decision. Based on many weeks of partner evaluation, the Partnership Working Group will present recommendation for the Governance Committee to consider. We will also present a side by side comparison of what each partner has to offer for the group to deliberate.

Information presented in this call will be used to inform our final vote for which partner to move forward with, and clearly will have huge implications for the OpenLMIS initiative as a whole, so we thoroughly encourage your participation and engagement.

The meeting should already be on your calendar; but just in case the details are also below:
Date /time: Nov 23, 7amPST/10amEST
Zoom link: https://us02web.zoom.us/j/87469606770

All the best,