Survey Results: OpenLMIS Community Meeting June 2018

Dear Governance members,

We had 21 responses to the Community Meeting survey. Below is a short summary of key input we received. Stay tuned for a “Save The Date” as soon as we finalize which week of June and the location.


What is the Topic/Theme?

The #1 topic chosen is: User-Centered Feedback and Engagement (#1 choice for 57% of respondents). Runner-up was Product roadmap and vision (#1 choice for 33% of respondents). There were also many excellent suggestions for session topics.

Who is interested in attending?

14 people responded Yes, they are interested in attending!

Which week in June?

Each week in June most people have availability, and no week was significantly better or worse than any other.

What location?

The top suggestions are for DC and an East-Africa country with a current implementation. We will need to quickly determine which location is feasible so we can make plans and send out a Save The Date.

Feel free to respond with any feedback or discussion. We will be working quickly to finalize plans.


Warm regards,

Tenly Elizabeth Snow, MS

OpenLMIS Community Manager

CELL/WhatsAPP: +1.406.544.4856

SKYPE: tenly.snow.vr OpenLMIS Wiki