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it’s been a while since we last looked at our tech stack and discussed any needed actions for our most important tools, libs, and frameworks. There have been some discussions around AngularJS for a while now, however, our tech stack is wider than that.

I’ve started a draft of a tech stack review with recommended next steps on our Confluence, here -
I hope to be able to discuss it at the next tech committee, which hopefully can help us determine the priorities around tech debt work.

Feel free to edit the doc, add any other crucial tools, libs, and frameworks, or simply let us know which other libs are worth reviewing too. Please note, that I focused the review around production deployments. I didn’t review dev tools, or build frameworks on purpose. We can come back to those, but I think they are of lower priority than things that are actively used and accessible in production environments.

Any comments are welcome!


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@Sebastian_Brudzinski , thanks for this. I forgot I hadn’t responded. This looks good to me, and since we don’t have a set schedule for the technical committee, would you like to propose a time for our next meeting + agenda (this of course)?

Hi, @joshzamor

Sure, I’ll schedule something. I’m off for the next 2 weeks, so it will likely be the second part of August.


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How does August 24 or August 26; 4 pm CEST/7 am PDT sound to you @joshzamor and everyone else?

The draft meeting notes for TC are available here:

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