Technical Committee Meetings in 2020?

Hi all,

I’ve just sent a new Technical Committee call invite, which will be our first in 2020 and our first in the past 2 months.

Given that this is our first call in 2020 (if you need an invite let me know), that calls are always difficult to schedule given the time-zones, and that we have this lovely and efficient Discourse forum, I’d like one of our first topics in 2020 to be: how frequently do we want to meet online in 2020?

To start that discussion, lets take a poll:

We should meet:

  • Every 2 weeks (previous schedule)
  • Once a month
  • Once a quarter
  • Once a year
  • Never

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Reminder: the purpose of the Technical Committee is to cover mid- to long-term topics that help ensure that OpenLMIS is built the right way.