Translation of CCE Inventory statuses

Hi Everyone,

In SELV project we have the issue with missing translations of inventory statuses in email notifications. Those statuses are fetched from the database. On the UI side, they are simple override by JavaScript and Transifex. But to translate them in this email notification we will have to add new features for this. We should add some new methods in Core here which will replace value from DB to translated one depend on the chosen language (of course using Transifex).

What do you think about this? Can we add the possibility to translate those statuses in Core?
Do you have any ideas on how to solve this issue differently?

Hi @JakubJakubowski,

Sorry for the delay here. I’m a bit confused by what you’re proposing. It sounds like you’re saying you found a bug - that the CCE service doesn’t have full coverage for translations when sending notifications? Is that right?


Hi @joshzamor,

Thanks for your response. I can’t say it’s a bug. Right now we translate those statuses only in SELV. In core we have those statuses in English on UI and in notifications on every translation. In SELV they wanted to translate those statuses to Portuguese. We simply did it on UI but to translate it in notifications we need to provide some changes in JAVA.

So my point is if we want to provide a feature to translate cce statuses in core (or fix it as a bug if it wasn’t left in English for a purpose) or add this feature only in SELV (using extension point for example)?


I don’t think you’ll get any objections over fixing more pieces with l10n in mind. I thought we had this as a principal / convention written down, however I’m not finding it. Maybe it’s stuck in the wiki somewhere. Either way, please do help us localize more of the UX. Thanks @JakubJakubowski