Trip Report- eLMIS Expo in Phillippines

Dear OpenLMIS Governance Committee,

I am writing to circulate a trip report from one of our Trusted Partners. Representatives from JSI were funded with OpenLMIS core funds to represent OpenLMIS at an eLMIS Expo in the Philippines in August. This trip report outlines the background, objectives, activities, and reflections of the trip, and is a particularly interesting read due to the level of detail paid to some of the competing products being featured at the expo. (the below image gives a nice comparison, for example). Ashraf and Wendy from JSI will walk us through the highlights of this report tomorrow in our governance call.

The trip report can be found via the below link to our wiki.

Thanks to @Ashraf_Islam and Wendy for this great report and we look forward to hearing more in our governance call tomorrow!

Best regards,