Trusted Partner Declaration- final comments needed by June 4th

Hello all,

As I mentioned in our governance call yesterday, we have a finalized a draft of our Trusted Partners Declaration document. The purpose of this document is to have a formal mechanism for OpenLMIS Trusted Partners to agree to and sign, in order to declare their understanding of and commitment to OpenLMIS Community shared values and practices. This document is result of our efforts as stewards to continually formalize and document our community processes in a transparent way.

We ask that all Trusted Partners review this document, as you will be asked to sign it retroactively to symbolize your partnership with the OpenLMIS community.

This document will be open for final comments until June 4th, at which point I will incorporate final comments and circulate to our Trusted Partners for their signature.

As always, feel free to reach out to me with feedback or questions at any time. Thank you!

Kind regards,