Turning on Lot Management

Hello Product Committee,

We would like your input on a couple open questions and insight to what you’ve observed or would anticipate from implementers in regards to turning on Lot Management. Currently the plan is to manage lots centrally. I anticipate that we will want to look at allowing additional ways to add lots but initially it would be managed centrally. Once a lot is added, a storeroom manager could make stock adjustments/movements against that lot.

Please take a look at
this section
on the wiki and respond to the open questions in
RED . Leave your inline comments with your thoughts/reflections. Please do so as soon as possible since the team would like to begin development soon. I apologize for the short notice but we’ve had some back and forth on what the proposed solutions are. If we don’t receive feedback, we will plan to move forward with Solution 3.

Thank you all for you input.

Happy Friday,

Mary Jo

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HI Mary,
I believe this is a good point.

But i am unable to find the Lot Code UI on OpenLMIS
where i can manage the lot Codes.

Hello Emmanuel,

Thank you very much for your input on this. This is actually a feature that is being built for a specific OpenLMIS implementation and something that we are hopeful will be able to be incorporated into the core system in an upcoming version. We will be discussing this on an upcoming Product Committee meeting so please feel free to join us.


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Thanks @ibewes

I will do well to join the meeting.