UI Change and Reminder for Upcoming Meeting

Hello PC,

We are planning to move forward with a change to the UI unless there are any concerns. The change will impact the Non Full Supply modal. Due to performance issues we are suggesting to reuse the “add product” modal since it improves the speed and will be more performant with large NFS product lists. Please not that further investigation is needed on how large NFS lists will impact other aspects of the system (i.e. initiation of the requisition). However, this will be an improvement.

Please see
for the details on the modal change (there are small gifs showing the change). Again, let us know right away if you have any concerns!

Upcoming Meeting – October 9 (draft Agenda)

As a friendly reminder, we are hoping that PC members come to the meeting with thoughts on what they would like to see improved or ideas for new features. We are looking for features which are Globally applicable (not specific to one country). Check out
this link
for a definition. Please come prepared to the meeting with at least three ideas of improvements or new features you’d like to see in OpenLMIS.

Right now we have a list of epics here which have been populated the by the team at varying points in time. Some of these epics already have labels around Level of Effort (LOE).

I will be out on holiday so Wes will be facilitating the meeting. Thanks Wes!


Mary Jo

Mary Jo Kochendorfer

OpenLMIS Product Manager


CELL/WhatsAPP: +1.612.703.5034

SKYPE: Maryjo.kochendorfer.vr

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