UI designs for offline Stock Mgmt

Hi everyone,

on the last Product Committee in 2020, we discussed initial designs for offline stock management screens. We received a lot of great feedback, and I wanted to let you know that we have now prepared adjusted designs based on those comments. One of the biggest issues mentioned was the lack of proper information for users about the state of their offline data and the synchronization outcomes.

The new designs introduce new information in the header about offline data:


Upon clicking the link “Pending offline operations” we get more detailed information about operations that need to be synchronized.

There’s an option to remove those pending operations manually if they are no longer relevant and the user doesn’t want to synchronize them online anymore. If synchronizing any of the operations fails, the header will also display that information:


And upon clicking it, we can see and act on those errors

We get to either dismiss the error or retry it with the same parameters.

Those are the main additions and changes to the designs. Their full version is at https://agoiba.axshare.com (you can browse various screen after selecting them in the top-left menu).

We have also briefly discussed an approach with reversals that were mentioned on the PC call, but we don’t believe we would have enough capacity to re-work Stock Mgmt in time for the upcoming release to support reversals, so we didn’t pursue that idea further.

Please let us know your thoughts about the new designs. We will also be happy to answer any questions should you have any.

Best regards,