Update on resonance work and Rescheduling in person workshop

Dear OpenLMIS Governance Committee and Key Partners,

Thank you for your continued commitment to the OpenLMIS community and our sustainability efforts. As you know, moving OpenLMIS from donor-funded model to an independent entity is a complex project that involves lots of perspectives and moving parts. Given the complexity of this work, Kaleb has been working with Resonance to extend the project timeline through the end of August, which will allow the team the space it needs to continue its thorough assessment and build a robust business plan.

Because of this expanded timeline, we decided to re-schedule the May Governance Committee workshop to June 25-26 (likely in Washington, DC) to allow for more time and more input into this important work. Resonance will use the April 16 Governance Committee call to outline more details on the workshop, an off-cycle Governance Committee Call in early June, and the planned webinars. We also welcome the insights, thought leadership from each of the organizations and welcome you to engage more deeply in reviews and refinement.

Please feel free to reach out to James or share questions in advance of the April 16 Governance Committee if you have any questions or want to discuss further.