Use a TreeView to display stock management’s “Received From” and “Issue To” members

Hi everyone,

In order to facilitate the identification of facilities within the “Received From” and “Issue To” dropdown controls which appear in Stock Management’s Issue and Receive forms, OpenLMIS-Angola’s stakeholders would like to display them using a TreeView similar to the one shown below.

Members of the “Received From” and “Issue To” controls may potentially be organizations which are not facilities and therefore unaffiliated with a geographic hierarchy. I suggest that such entries appear together after any facilities and beneath a label which reads “Organizations.”

In addition to grouping members by geographic zone where relevant, I suggest ordering them alphabetically.

Do you think that these changes would benefit other implementations as long as the TreeView doesn’t make assumptions about the geographic hierarchy within which facilities appear?

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Hey @Ben_Leibert1, sorry for the delay in responding to this post. Can you repost the image you had linked? It does not appear to be loading properly.


@ibewes and @Ben_Leibert1

Thanks @Dercio_Duvane. I think this is a good feature request. @Ben_Leibert1 or @Dercio_Duvane (or someone else), can you present this at the product committee meeting today (18 June)?