Version 3.7 Feature Priorities

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As work for version 3.7 is getting underway, we would like to continue hearing from the community about the feature prioritization for this upcoming and future releases. We have cultivated a list of the potential features here (this is the list that we have been discussing on the Product Committee) and we would like your feedback on how these features should be prioritized.

We have created an exceedingly simple ranking poll that we are asking the product committee (or others!) to fill out. To fill out the poll, simply drag the features into the priority order you would prefer and submit the survey. The poll is here:

If there are any features that you would like to see added to the list, please let us know here or on a product committee call so that we can discuss their inclusion.


Hi @ibewes,

Having further discussed the potential for aliases, Angola’s stakeholders suggest deprioritizing work on the new feature for now. The idea of allowing users to find products via names with which they’re already familiar is obviously appealing. There’s concern, however, that doing so would undermine a push toward standardization which is also considered important. At this point, it’s thus unclear whether and to what degree we on the OpenLMIS-Angola team would use product aliases. Until we can again assure you that they would be used, we suggest that the Core team expend it effort on the next-highest priority.

CC: @sdean, @Christine_Lenihan.

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